Terms & Conditions

Marshfoot Cattery Terms and Conditions of Boarding

1. A current Vaccination certificate to cover Feline Enteritis and Influenza must be produced for each cat. These will be retained during your cats stay.

2. No cat suffering from or suspected to be suffering from any infections or contagious disease can be accepted. The proprietor reserves the right to refuse admission to any cat showing signs of ill health pending advice from a Veterinary Surgeon.

3. In the event of suspected illness we reserve the right to consult a Veterinary Surgeon and any treatment considered advisable will be undertaken. Any Veterinary costs incurred will be solely payable by the owners.

4. Male cats over the age of six months which have not been neutered will not be accepted for boarding.

5. All boarding and other charges must be paid in full upon collection.

6. A full days board is charged for the days of arrival and departure. In the event of owners returning before the end of the period for which the cat is boarded the full period will be charged.

7. If for any reason any boarded cats fail to be collected within fourteen days of the specified departure date and no agreement is reached between the cats owners and the proprietor of Marshfoot Cattery we reserve the right to make alternative arrangements.

8. Whilst every care and precaution is taken during boarding, responsibility can only be accepted at the owners risk.